Arkansas Athletes Outreach (AAO)

2019 AAO League Team Registration


Welcome to the Team Registration for AAO NWA League!

This registration is for the exclusive use of coaches of invited teams who are approved to enter this season of the AAO Competitive League.

This registration will allow you, the coach, to provide contact information and sign consents.

Your team's participation is secured when:

1. This online form is submitted.

2.  The roster is completed

3.  Payment,in full, is received by AAO before October 10, 2019.

Team Fees:

1 Team $850
2 teams $800 each
3 teams or more, $750 each

Deadline to register and pay is Thursday, October 10, 2019,
Mail, bring to AAO or pay online. Online will charge 3% plus $1 processing fee.

Player Eligibility Rules:
The NWA League is a youth development program to serve as a feeder system to the local Junior High programs. It is designed to provide a regional competitive league for local school and community based teams. It is not an “AAU” or All Star team league that is for the grassroots summer programs. The NWA League is designed to provide the best players from their respective communities and schools the opportunity to play together and prepare them for their local school programs.

Therefore, ALL Teams are school based (primarily Grades 5 and 6) or community based teams (4th grade Division)) to be eligible to play in the NWA League. Players must attend participating school or live in the participating community.

Exceptions to this Rule: 

-If a player is playing up a grade but will attend the same feeder HS school as the team he/she is playing for. This exception applies primarily to a 4th grader playing up on a 5th grade team.

-If a player is home schooled or attends a private school not participating in the League he/she may play for a participating school in their hometown. This player, to be eligible, must be granted permission to play by the local High School coach and/or youth basketball governing club.

-Feeder schools may combine their players from two separate schools into one team to be more competitive in the League.

If you have changes to your roster or coaches:

If you have changes to your roster, please email us using the link below.  Please write AAO League Team Roster Change in the subject line and include all the info for your team, School, Grade, Head Coach, information so we know which team to edit.  Thanks! We look forward to a great season of basketball development for the children of Northwest Arkansas!